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What is the difference between a pool tile and a regular tile?

I was in a tile store here in Sydney, and I overheard a man requesting a regular tile. He then proceeds in his conversation with the sales rep that he wants to use these tiles to cover the walls of his pools. I was shocked. Ever since then, I have been thinking about how to pass this vital information across to everyone. Don’t be shocked to hear some contractors have once recommended a regular tile to a client for a swimming pool. They feel that tile is tile, either a pool tile or a standard tile.

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I am not blaming anyone. I want to create a miraculous shift in your thinking right now. It is not wrong to do things ignorantly, but it becomes something getting out of hand if one fails to work on what they have learned or heard.

I will start this write-up by stating it clearly that tiles are not created equally. If you want a pool that will be an outstanding one with a unique design on its walls and floor, then you need no other tile than a pool tile. It’s a thing of shame today when you see pools been covered by a regular tile.

From parti-coloured glass mosaics to craggy stone-look ceramics to the low-key nitty-gritty, the right tile can take your pool project to the next level and make it a true centrepiece. But not all tile is created in the same way, and I think I have said that earlier. If you want a hard-wearing tile that will ensure your pool stays gorgeous for years to come, then it is expedient to choose a pool tile that’s purposely created for swimming pools. check out some creative ways of installing tile at

If you’re new to the pool project, this might come as a bombshell. On the surface, pool tile and regular tile that one can use to cover the walls and floors of kitchens and bathrooms appear to have a lot in common. But for those ready to learn new ideas, you’ll see why pool tile is the best choice for a stunning and lifelong pool.

Therefore, I will advise you to pay rapt attention as I will be showing you some points that distinguish a pool tile and a regular tile. Are you ready for the ride? Let’s go!

What is pool tile?

A pool tile is a type of tile specially created or formed to stand against sunlight and a changing temperature. They are specially constructed to work in an aquatic environment, and they are made to have constant contact with the chemicals in pool water. A pool tile is specifically designed to serve a long-lasting purpose because it is permanently fixed at the exterior part of the house. Their level of durability is high compared to that of a regular tile.

How is pool tile different?

A pool tile is different from a regular tile because they are created to stand against sunlight. They are visible to the sun and the rain. Pool tiles are produced strongly to contact chlorine and other pool chemicals without losing their original state. Like I said earlier, they are formed to withstand drastically changing temperatures. Of course, it depends on where you live. Therefore, pool tiles are created differently to be ultra-durable. It {pool tile} is non-porous, and it is coated with a specially formulated glaze that prevents tiles in the swimming pool from cracking and fading.

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Furthermore, the work of the unique glaze is to give it a remarkable ability to resist water and make it easy to clean. If you use a regular tile to cover the walls of your swimming pool, over time, it will begin to grow some scums that cannot be removed easily. Therefore, buying a pool tile for your swimming pool is a great choice.

Dear reader, you may want to know why regular tile isn’t pool tile.

Why is regular tile not a pool tile?

Over the years, there’s been a strong argument about using a regular tile in place of pool tile. The reason for the discussion is because of tiles that are suitable to be in the bathroom. Bathroom tile has been one of the most significant points of confusion about pool tile and regular tile. Some people consider bathroom tile, which is a standard tile, to fit in for a swimming pool since it also can resist water. Now the question is, what is the difference between a regular bathroom or kitchen tile and a pool tile? The fact remains that bathroom tile, a standard tile, is designed for some contact with water, but it is not created to be immersed in water 24/7. A regular bathroom tile is also intended for soft lightning and steady, mild temperatures, but it is not for outdoor use. What am I saying in essence? I am trying to show you that the common feature of a regular tile and a pool tile does not make it fit for your swimming pool. A regular pool tile is not suitable for your pool because it is more likely to fade if exposed to water 24/7. Not only that, a regular tile will crack in the swimming pool, and this may cause you more money for repairs which you might not plan for.

What are the advantages of using a pool tile in your swimming pool?

The primary reason why you shouldn’t consider using a regular tile in your swimming pool is that it cannot last for an extended period, unlike a pool tile, which can last for decades if it is properly cleaned and maintained. Apart from that, you cannot compare the beauty you will derive from using a pool tile to a regular tile. A pool tile comes in innumerable colours, shapes and patterns that one cannot exhaust. Also, a regular tile and a pool tile doesn’t offer the same level of durability. Their level of durability is extremely high and incomparable.

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I hope to see you on the other side. And where is the other side? I hope to see you using the suitable material where it belongs. I challenge you with this write-up to come out of that understanding and face the right direction. Finally, for your swimming pool, a regular tile cannot work. Do you agree with me?

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