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Effective methods for picking the appropriate bathroom faucets

The devil is in the details when it comes to designing a bathroom, kitchen, scullery, or laundry makeover. After all the hard work of arranging the layout and choosing tiles and other surfaces, the finishing touches, such as tapware and basins, are pleasurable.

The tapware and fittings you choose may have a dramatic effect on the aesthetic of a place. We sought help from two experts on how to properly do this task:

Ascertain that the bathtub is the appropriate size.

While freestanding bathtubs are incredibly stylish and appealing, they take up more space in your bathroom than a drop-in bath does. Marcus Wycherley of Newtech, a bathroom is maker and supplier, suggests keeping freestanding bathtubs away from the wall to facilitate thorough cleaning. A back-to-wall bath is a fashionable option for a modest bathroom.

Choose a faucet that is compatible with your water pressure.

According to John Doherty of Tiles and Bath Co, the most frequent mistake individuals make when buying tapware is picking a faucet or shower that is not suitable for their home’s water pressure. New Zealand is fairly distinctive, with low, uneven, or high water pressure, and imported tapware is often only suitable with high pressure – therefore advise your store if you have low or unequal pressure so they can steer you in the appropriate way.

Choose a color scheme and a finish.

Today’s tapware comes in a range of colors and finishes, allowing you to choose taps that suit your style. While chrome is timeless, black is really popular right now. According to John Doherty, Voda’s new finishes, which include brushed stainless steel, brushed nickel, brushed gunmetal, and a new mirrored black, garnered a positive reaction at the recent Auckland Home Show.

Take cues from current vanity trends.

Clean lines and negative detailing on vanities are fashionable right now, and sturdy plywood is a popular option for a contemporary aesthetic with tapware.

Thin rims on basins and bathtubs are trendy. They give the vanity a more open aspect and help keep the basin from overwhelming the vanity. If you choose a vessel basin, it must be paired with a wall-mounted or tall basin mixer — search for Voda’s innovative swivel basin mixer.

While our bathroom tapware is a tiny component of the overall design of your bathroom, it is nonetheless significant.

Given that tapware can be both useful and beautiful, why not combine the two and pick something that will last the test of time while also looking great?

If you’re rebuilding or building a bathroom from start, you most likely need to consider sink, shower, and bath tapware (if your bathroom includes a tub).

There are two main sorts of tapware: three-piece sets and mixers. Mixers have a single mixing lever that is either curved or angular in design. A three-piece tapware set, on the other hand, is more conventional in style, whilst a mixer is more current. Recently, alternatives for mixer tapware in Hamptons, federation, and classic designs were available.

Additionally, you may go between hob-mounted tapware (which is installed horizontally or directly into a basin) or wall-mounted tapware. Hob-mounted tapware sets are both attractive and functional. Wall-mounted sets are an amazing way to make more space on your vanity benchtop.

Here are a few more items to consider when selecting the appropriate bathroom tapware.

  • Take a look at your present plumbing system.
  • If you’re replacing existing tapware with non-identical replacements, it’s always a good idea to contact a bathroom product expert or a plumber for guidance.
  • Matching your faucets to the basin you’ve chosen
  • The most crucial aspect of choosing tapware for your basin is ensuring the suitable size and kind.
  • Take into account the size of your basin in relation to the tapware you are considering. Alternatively, and maybe more importantly, pick everything together to ensure that they are proportionately sized to match.
  • If you choose a spout that is either too long or excessively short for your basin, water will spray everywhere. Ideally, water should flow directly over the drain.

Without a doubt, there are a few generalizations to keep in mind. For example, not all basins have tapholes; vessel basins, on the other hand, need either a wall-mounted tapware set or an unusually tall or vessel mixer. A deep inset basin, on the other hand, demands tapware with a big spout.

Choosing faucets and showerheads that are compatible with your shower or bathtub

Certain modern bathtubs have a built-in bath filler. Water is released via a hole drilled at the bottom of a circular (or sometimes square) overflow. A normal wall mixer or a diverter mixer is used to regulate these integrated overflows.

You may also utilize a floor-mounted bath filler if you have a freestanding bath. With their distinctive design and timeless look, they provide an air of refinement to your bathroom. Numerous models have a built-in shower handpiece for added convenience and ease of use.

Shower-over-bath combos need a special kind of tapware called a diverter, which is available in a range of styles and colors.

Choosing faucets that complement your bathroom’s decor

By the time you reach the point of selecting tapware for your bathroom, you’ve probably settled on a round or square form. Your faucets should complement the rest of the decor.

Assemble your alternatives, take your time, and do your research. Create a mood board or scrapbook to collect product and design inspiration.

Colors and finishes

Consider the color palette of the rest of your bathroom décor when choosing your tapware.

Tapware in matte black or gunmetal is a fantastic choice for a monochromatic or industrial-style bathroom. Tapware in a sunset tint can imbue a place with a feeling of bespoke luxury and make a powerful aesthetic statement.

Choose stainless steel, chrome, or brushed nickel sets if your design is contemporary or modern. These tapware finishes complement a wide range of color schemes and allow you to be as bold or as minimalistic with your design as you choose.

Final thoughts

With the information we’ve covered, you should be able to choose some attractive tapware for your house. 

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