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8 Creative Ways To Use Subway Tiles

It is not wrong to be without information. You can still lay down some excuses if you don’t know about something. But it is wrong not to work based on the information you’ve gathered. What am I saying in essence? I am coming from the angle that when a man is not with the correct information on how to move things forward, such man is not to be blamed. It is possible for you as a professional tiler, a contractor, and an individual not to know that there are creative ways of using subway tiles. Therefore, this article is here to take you through that learning process.

However, don’t forget where I started from; it will now become bad if one is exposed to secrets on how you use subway tiles creatively and fail to use that vital information. You can read about 10 Best Glass Subway Tiles For Kitchens And Bathrooms by Click here.

Do you know there are several ways you can creatively make use of subway tiles? Apart from its natural rectangular-shaped uniqueness, do you know that you can combine some materials with subway tiles in kitchens and bathrooms to make it unique? Let me also put it this way, do you know you can creatively install subway tiles?

Of course, you might know some, but this article will point at that side that you’ve never thought about. As a professional tiler, I know you want to be unique with your design, and then this article is for you.

Have you heard about combining subway tiles with mosaic tiles, exposed screed and wood? You might be wondering how possible it is for a tiler to combine subway tiles with other materials. Just follow me closely. I’m here to take you far!

Therefore, here are the eight creative ways to use subway tiles:

The perfect complement of wood

Wood, as we all know, is suitable as a warm contrast to the shiny ceramic surface. You can use wood in the kitchen for the shelves and cabinets, and when you combine it with subway tiles on the wall of that kitchen. This pattern will give the kitchen a different and more attractive look. In such a kitchen, one will like to sit comfortably to take his meal. It will be a beautiful place for relaxation. There are countless people out there that don’t know that they can combine subway tiles with wood to design their kitchen.

Combination with bright colours

Subway tiles are versatile. It can go in many colours. For neutral tiles, fresh lime green is the perfect contrast. If you use subway tiles in the kitchen and combine it with another colour, the kitchen becomes brighter, and it will be a better and friendly place. The uniqueness in subway tiles is also in the fact that this tile goes with any colour. You might not know this, but I will advise you to try it. 

For a modern look

Subway wall tiles form the perfect upbringing for a modern bathroom with an industrial touch. Meanwhile, don’t forget that this can be achieved due to their geometric look. The spotlights and the wooden shells bolster the clean look and make the bathroom warm and sweet. Therefore, I want to urge you to hold this vital information right in your hands.

As a contrast to dark walls

Subway tiles look extremely beautiful if it is combined with dark walls. You can consider navy blue, black and grey contrast with this unique tile in the bathroom. However, this example shows the versatility of tiles to stand out against the dark background.

Combination with shiny surfaces

Just picture it if you combine subway tiles with glazed tiles and other shiny elements. The reflected lights from the polished aspects will give the room a new liveliness. Don’t forget that subway tiles themselves are glossy tile surfaces. Imagine you combine it with a shelve of silver colour and kitchen cabinets of cream colour. It will be nice. These unique subway tiles harmonize with classic furnishings like combining a free-standing bathtub with lion legs and antique fittings. It will create a beautiful look. That’s creativity at work. However, you don’t have a tile on an entire wall, so you can do a narrow splash guard made of subway tiles in the kitchen to make it more refined.

Installing in a herringbone pattern

This pattern is also one of the creative ways to use subway tiles on walls in the kitchen and bathroom. The rectangular piece of tiles can be creatively installed in a zig-zag pattern. All you need to do is lay the first tile at 90-degree to the centre point, the second tile at the same interval, and then start laying others tiles in this form. Subway tiles have been applied in a herringbone pattern is a unique and creative way of beautifying your walls. You just have to know more about the herringbone pattern. Therefore, if you want to give the walls in the kitchen and bathroom a distinctive look that is quite different, then consider laying those subway tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Coloured subway tiles

Another way of using subway tiles is to get coloured subway tiles. There are subway tiles that are coloured to give your walls the best appearance. There are white coloured subway tiles that will go with any other colour you might want to add. Also, there are subway tiles that are already coloured to make the kitchen to be more beautiful. For instance, you can get subway tiles off white models with dark joints.

From wall to wall

The standard dark joints make the tiles a real eye-catcher. Astoundingly, the Subway tiles fascinate kindness but never become overriding, even if you cover all the walls with them. Therefore, you can be more innovative by framing the window with subway tiles.


Remember how we started. It is not wrong if you don’t know the above information about subway tiles. But it is wrong this time if you don’t make use of this vital information. With the above-listed points, I believe you should be able to use subway tiles creatively. However, do not forget that subway tiles will give you a lovely design if combined with unique materials.

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Hayden Franklin