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10 Best Glass Subway Tiles For Kitchens And Bathrooms

Glass subway tiles are the best for kitchens and bathrooms. Are you looking forward to installing glass subway tiles in your kitchen and bathroom? This article will help you to know the best glass tiles.  Click here to read more about Subway Tiles for kitchens and bathrooms.

Glass tile is one of the most classy, clean and modern-day materials to add a pop of character to space in your kitchen and bathroom. It is stunning. With glass subway tiles on your walls, you will have a kitchen whose beauty is incomparable. 

Also, another benefit of installing a glass subway tile in your kitchen and bathroom is because it makes spaces feel more significant. However, glass tile often makes space feel larger and brighter by bringing light to a room. However, it is also expedient for you to know that this unique tile is durable and easy to clean. Visit to learn about 8 Creative Ways To Use Subway Tiles.

A glass tile is hygienic and incredibly easy to clean. Therefore, if you are looking for a low-maintenance material for your next project, glass subway tile will be a great choice. We have taken it up to bring out the best among all glass tiles specifically designed for the kitchen and bathroom. There are numerous glass tiles with a multitude of colours and styles. Hence, we have chosen the best ten glass tiles to make your home shine. But before we move into those details, let us begin with the benefits of using glass subway tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.


The benefits of using a glass tile in your kitchen and bathroom are:

  • Glass tiles are eco-friendly
  • It is easy to clean
  • It makes spaces feel larger
  • It is durable
  • Its beauty is incomparable
  • It brightens up the room

Although glass subway tiles are expensive, you will enjoy them for a long if you can afford them. Also, they come in different colours, patterns and textures. Glass tile can no longer run out of style. It is impossible. Its durability and practicality is the reason it can’t go out of style. 

Below here are the best glass subway tile for your kitchen and bathroom:

  1. Aimayz glossy glass subway mosaic tiles for kitchen and bathroom: It is a rectangular-shaped product. It is made of crystal, glass. This unique product has a polished glass surface. It is easy to wipe to remove stains. You can get it online; for instance, this material cost $54.99 on Amazon at a discounted price.
  2. Giorbello glass subway tile: This unique glass tile is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. It varies in colour and size. Also, Giorbello has a coverage area of about 5 square feet. It is 33 per cent thicker than another glass tile. Its durability is incomparable. It is also easy to get. Search for it online and make your orders.
  3. Diflart glass subway tiles: This subway glass tile also varies in colour. It is suitable for covering the walls in the bathrooms and kitchens. Dilfart is easy to clean and install. Also, it is known as glass tile that is easy to cut. It is always packed in a carton box to avoid breakage. This unique glass subway tile will give your kitchen and bathroom a new appearance. 
  4. Adedeo glass subway tile bottom bevelled edge: This unique bottom-edged design brings the visual effect of bevelled edges. It has a smooth and flat surface. It is easy to clean. Adedeo glass tile will make your bathroom and kitchen a special place in your sight. You will enjoy seeing this unique product on your walls.
  5. MSI ice bevelled glass subway tile for kitchen backsplash: MSI features durability, frost-resistant glass with a high sheen. It is a perfect tile for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower or accent wall. This product is always available online. You can check it out online.
  6. Art3d 40-piece and stick glass tiles for the kitchen: It features a DIY peel and sticks subway glass backsplash. It has a fast installation process. Art3d glass tile come in a pack of 40 pieces of sheet, cover 5 square feet. It’s a dry installation. There’s no thin-set backing and finishing grout, no mess. It is suitable for most indoor applications.
  7. DIH crystal glass tile for kitchen and bathroom: This product is fireproof, resistant to abrasion, anti-damping, zero water absorption and super strong to las-long once it is installed. Other features include a three by 12 by 8mm thick individual tile box of 24 pieces to cover 5.77 square feet. DIH glass tile has a crafted glossy finish that brings elegance and luxury to your kitchen and bathroom. Also, this tile works perfectly in extensive scenes like accent walls, kitchen and bathroom walls etc.
  8.  Soulscraft glass subway tile for kitchen backsplash: This product has a glossy surface and a shiny finish. Also, it creates a minimalist chic covering for the walls of your interior space. It is excellent for border or trim. The edges and surfaces are very smooth for higher durability and 3D beauty. It is safe for use in wet areas like the bathroom. Its thickness is about 8mm.
  9. Mirror tiles silver bathroom wall sheet crystal diamond: It is made of crystal, and it has a thickness of 0.16 inches. Mirror tiles are suitable for covering walls in a wet area like the bathroom. Apart from that, it is a unique product that is specifically designed for walls in the bathroom. It is easy to get. 
  10. Hominter 11-sheets glass mosaic tile rectangle: It has mesh backing, non-sanded grout for installation. It is a glass subway tile that is good for walls in the kitchen, fireplace deco, bathroom walls and interior designs. It varies in colours. This unique glass tile is one of the most sought-after glass tiles in the world. It has a natural beauty, and one can install it without stress.

Finally, we’ve made it known to you the benefits of installing glass subway tiles on walls in kitchens and bathrooms. However, we out-picked the best brands with a glass tile product for you to check. Therefore, with the above-listed benefits and top ten brands with their glass tile products, we hope to hear positive feedback on how you feel when installing glass subway tiles on your walls.

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